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Full Moon Healing Rituals for Halloween

Written by Becci Stockman

Welcome the beginning of Samhain with full moon healing rituals for Halloween

Dark nights are approaching. Our days become shorter and daylight dims. The end of October marks the beginning of Samhain. Pronounced "saa-win", this ancient Gaelic festival celebrates the end of the harvest and welcomes the darker half of the year. Bonfires, feasting, dressing up in costumes, honoring the dead—These all represent some of the ancient customs of Samhain.

If you recognize many of these rituals, that’s because Samhain is considered the root of the modern festival known as Halloween.

This year, mystic energy intensifies on this special night as the full moon falls on Halloween, the first night of Samhain. We have some exciting cosmic phenomenons and ancient spiritual traditions to celebrate. As the end of month draws near, get into the Samhain spirit with full moon healing rituals for Halloween.

Samhain is a time to reconnect with kindred spirits, honor loved ones who have passed, and nurture ancestral wisdom.

To celebrate the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, Celtic spirituality follows a sacred fire ritual held between the autumn equinox and winter solstice. During this time, barriers between the physical realm and the spiritual world defuse making it a great time to manifest and connect with cosmic intelligence.

Traditionally, Celts would lay out offerings for the fairies on the night of Samhain as an invitation to join them. Bonfires were lit to protect families from any unwanted spirits while they connected with passed loved ones.

Families would even set a place at the dinner table so that their ancestors could join them in on the festivities, in spirit—A time to rekindle and unite. You can follow suit by honoring your loved ones who have passed, through prayer or by visiting their burial site. You can also set aside time for a meditation to connect with your ancestors.

A gentle reminder, that without the shadow there is no light.

On the last day of the month, the 31st, we are gifted with yet another full moon. The second occurrence in October, making this an extra special rare Blue Moon. Did you know this lunar event only happens around every 33 months? It’s a special one, so you’ll want to save the date.

The full moon that falls on the night of Halloween enhances mystic energy to manifest your dreams. Turn your dreams into a reality by connecting with La Luna, especially on the night of Samhain when sacred rituals are enhanced. Take the time to embrace these energies, harness healing movements, and embody what the cosmos presents to us.

For the second time this month, La Luna will shine her brightest in the night sky. Illuminating our shadows and bringing our darkness to light. The rare lunar event gives a second chance to reflect on the month of October, to see how far we have come so we can honor our growth. We are being called to release and let go of all which no longer serves us.

It’s time to create space for evolutionary change so that you can begin to live in alignment with your highest self. Ask yourself, ‘Am I showing up as my true self in everything that I do?’ We have to explore all depths of our souls to really discover who we are and how we can work with ourselves, not against ourselves—Creating harmony of the mind, body, and soul.

On the night of the blue moon, spend some time basking under the moonlight. Absorbing her energy, soaking up her radiance. Whenever you feel ready, return to your altar and arrive in the present moment. Devote this time to your practice and feel it in every mindful moment. Begin by meditating to enter the field of silence, where all of our deepest wisdom resides. Spend some time here, appreciate a peaceful state.

Samhain also marks the Witches New Year, meaning that any sacred ritual practiced during this time can be extremely powerful. As the spiritual world collides with earthly realms, we are given the opportunity to get clear on what it really is we want from this lifetime—A time to release, let go and reset.

Create a Samhain inspired altar in the days leading up to the full moon. You can integrate crystals, incense, candles, and some autumnal leaves to honor the changing of seasons. Add anything you desire, this will be your safe space to practice from.

Now take your journal and write down all of the things you wish to release, which no longer serves your highest self. It could be self-sabotaging thoughts, limiting beliefs, or toxic relationships that you wish to let go of. Read each one out loud and feel forgiveness as you release. Then burn the paper using your candle as a gesture to the universe that you are truly letting go. Make sure to have a bowl of water beside you to put out the flame if you are inside.

Anytime we release, it’s important that we set an intention to move forward. What do you intend to do that will light you up and elevate your journey? Take some time to write down a set of intentions for the upcoming winter season, as the end of this hot and heavy year draws near. You can choose mini personal goals, or dream big and reach for the stars. The sky has no limit…

To finish your ritual, it’s important to always ground the energy you have activated during this time by introducing a closing statement. This will be unique for everyone, depending on your intentions. Just make sure to harness that healing energy and really feel it in your entire being. Express gratitude to yourself, the universe, and Mother Nature as you come back into the moment.

Move forward from a place of love, inspiration, and determination to live as your best self. It’ll do wonders for your wellbeing.

Sending you all loving, healing energy, and wishing you love, light, and happiness in all that you do.

Stay safe this holiday season,

Much Love

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