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Can We Take Your Order?


Ready to spice up your marketing efforts? We’ll cater to your needs at Inkwell Digital Marketing Services. Our team of marketing experts prepares customized digital marketing packages, made to order. Take your pick from our menu of a la carte marketing solutions. We also provide full-service marketing packages to manage ongoing large-scale projects. 

Serving you...
Marketing Services A-La-Carte

A-La-Carte Menu

Are you a small company or startup looking for freelance marketing services? Order off the a la carte marketing menu and only pay for what you need. We offer blogs, social posts, email campaigns, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok videos and more priced per deliverable on a freelance basis


Social Content


We’ll fulfil your weekly dish of social posts, with content and hashtags for your social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. (Ask about a side order of images homemade by us, perfect for your Instagram posts)…. Book a discovery call

Video Content


Need some video content for social channels like YouTube or TikTok? Serve your target audience quality video content, including hosted TikTok videos or marketing videos for your YouTube subscribers…. Book a discovery call

SEO Audit


Need help ranking on search engines? We know all the search engine optimization tricks—primary keywords, metadata, formatting, alt-tags—so you can beat the competitors and take that top spot on Google…. Book a discovery call

Editing & Translation


Speak to your audience, in their language. Our native English & Spanish writers ensure impeccable copy that sounds fluent and professional, with English editing services and Spanish English translation, plus more languages available... Book a discovery call

Blog Writing


Maintain your site’s blog feed with our juicy content. Our native English speakers cook up fully optimized blog posts, with recommended keywords, metadata, alt tags, and headings to boost your SEO strategy. Need it in Spanish? We can do that, too…. Book a discovery call

Email Campaigns


What’s the perfect recipe to reach your audience? Email segmentation, A/B testing, email content, eye-catching images—We know the right blend of email content to nurture leads and convert prospects…. Book a discovery call

Branding, Web Design, & Graphic Design


We’ll help your business stand out with consistent and effective branding. Our experienced graphic designer creates professional graphics and web design, including logos, landing pages, wireframing, social media ads, and more…. Book a discovery call

Digital Marketing Services Combo

Content Combo

Want a taste of everything? We created our content combos just for you, a mix of social, email, and blog writing customized to your needs. 


Blog/Social Combo


Our Blog/Social Combo comes with an optimized blog post and corresponding social content to promote the blog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The social post comes complete with hashtags to expand reach and a unique image homemade by us.

Blog/Email Combo


Our Blog/Email Combo comes with an optimized blog post and corresponding email content to promote the blog. Emails are served to you with a unique image homemade by us.

Email/Social Combo


Our Email/Social Combo comes with email content to promote your brand and corresponding social content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Email and social posts are served with a unique image homemade by us.

Blog/Email/Social Combo


Serve your audience with a full digital marketing spread. Our Blog/Social/Email Combo comes with an optimized blog post and corresponding email and social content. The social post comes complete with hashtags to expand reach and a unique image. Email and social posts are served with a unique image homemade by us.

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Digital Marketing Freelancer

Full Service Marketing Management
The costs of hiring an in-house marketing manager can add up. Save money with our ongoing monthly marketing management package. We’ll take care of every aspect of your marketing efforts, including branding, graphic & web design, content creation, Spanish English translation, search engine optimization, email campaigns, AI marketing consulting, and social media marketing. Only pay for what you need. We design marketing packages to suit your needs and budget.  

Branding &
Graphic Design

Get Noticed, in a good way!

Our team creates consistent and effective branding that stands out from the competition including logos, style guides, digital marketing materials, and web design. We design landing pages, wireframing, social media ads design, and more.

Content Creation

Words Matter!

From webcopy to blog posts, our native English content writers will ensure you capture the attention of your audience with quality, captivating content that converts. We’ll design and implement a successful content marketing strategy to build trust with your audience, improve conversions, connect with customers, and generate leads.



Get the Word out!

We’ll make sure you reach your target audience through effective SEO copy. Get seen and shared through our link building and SEO packages. Our team will create a comprehensive SEO strategy to drive more people to your site and increase conversions, which means more sales, more loyal customers, and more growth for your business.

 Editing & Translation

Sound like a native!

In an increasingly global market, our native English & Spanish writers ensure impeccable copy that sounds fluent and professional. We specialize in English editing and Spanish English translation (other languages available upon inquiry).

Email Marketing

Stay in Touch!

Email marketing brings in one of the highest, if not the highest, ROI for businesses. We’ll optimize your new and existing email campaigns by maximizing audience engagement, driving new subscriptions, nurturing current subscribers, and promoting sales. 

Social Media Marketing

Engage your Audience! 

We take content to the next level by engaging your audience on social media. Connect and engage potential customers on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We do TikTok and YouTube videos too!

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